Advice Matters

Verity Asset Management, an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser, provides the implementation, investment management, and administrative support for the PAL Retirement and Financial Wellness Program.

In 2009, when the University of North Carolina General Administration took initiative to centralize a 403(b) plan offering across all 17 constituent campuses, Verity was highly engaged both as a provider within the UNC System and as an investment advisor to a large constituency of individual participants.

Today, Verity provides investment advice to faculty staff and administrators in over 300 university plan environments across the nation, through a network of independent investment advisors.

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Next Steps...

Let us show you how we can help your institution manage and reduce its fiduciary responsibilities as governed by the Department of Labor and also evaluate all aspects of your current 403(b)7 plan.  Please click the adjacent link.

The Process

Please download a copy of the detailed approach that Verity employs in developing and managing a fiduciary compliant plan for plan sponsors and participants.





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